Carlinklife Magic Box - Wireless CarPlay/ Android Auto Adapter with Netflix, YouTube, GPS Navigation, Play U-Disk, HDMI - CP2Video TV AI Box

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✔ For cars with factory wired/wireless CarPlay!

✔ Streaming Apps like YouTube, Netflix on your display screen.
Plug and Play! Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto to experience wireless freedom.
✔ Same CarPlay Functionality including voice commands and steering wheel.
HDMI connection, 1080P HDMI Output/HDMI Input

❗ If you want to Download Apps from Google Play Store, pls choose 👉 Carlinklife CP2Video MAX Magic Box

Size: Touch car screen(No Remote)
Support: Netflix &YouTube
Subtotal: $169.99

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Carlinklife Magic Box - Wireless CarPlay/ Android Auto Adapter with Netflix, YouTube, GPS Navigation, Play U-Disk, HDMI - CP2Video TV AI Box

Carlinklife Magic Box - Wireless CarPlay/ Android Auto Adapter with Netflix, YouTube, GPS Navigation, Play U-Disk, HDMI - CP2Video TV AI Box

$229.99 $169.99

Carlinklife Magic Box - Wireless CarPlay/ Android Auto Adapter with Netflix, YouTube, GPS Navigation, Play U-Disk, HDMI - CP2Video TV AI Box

$229.99 $169.99
Size: Touch car screen(No Remote)
Support: Netflix &YouTube

✅ 2023 New Multimedia Magic TV Ai Box 

Are you still using a data cable to connect to Apple CarPlay?
Do you want to cast your mobile phone screen to your car?
Do you want to stream/watch Netflix or YouTube in your car?
Upgrade to CP2Video New Generation Multimedia Box! Best Choice!

✅  Convert Your Wired CarPlay to Wireless!

  • You don't need to endure the pain of plugging in all the time.
  • CP2Video can solve the problem of drivers who want to connect wirelessly to CarPlay.
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android phones, do not need worry your phone could not use it.
  • Watching your favorite videos on YouTube or Netflix.
  • Super Easy to Use, Plug and play, it can provide a completely wireless experience for you.

✅  5GHz Stable Core Connection

Low power consumption, high performance.

  • Fast wireless transmission technology, stable and uninterrupted. Not susceptible to interference, faster transmission rate, lower latency.
  • Response speed is better than ordinary products and connection speed is as fast as lightning, giving you a smooth experience!

✅ USB Multimedia Playback

Turn Your Car Into A Private Theater!

If you need to do something to pass the time on a long trip, you can play a U-disk movie, watch Netflix or YouTube videos with the CP2Video Box that adds more entertainment to your driving life



✅ Connect Automatically and Flawlessly! 

  • Just setup it once, later you can use wireless CarPlay after starting car.
  • First-time setup is super easy. Just plug in and choose it on the Bluetooth setting on the iPhone and that's it.
  • Then simply start the vehicle CP2Video box connects automatically and flawlessly. 

✅ Compatible with Original Car Control 

Perfectly compatible with your car's factory controls, including voice control, steering wheel control, touch screen control, and knob operation.

No need to change driving habits, no need to disassemble the car, instantly get started with the original car operation. 




Applicable Models:

Before ordering it, please check if your original car has Factory-wired Apple CarPlay . The product only works for cars with Factory-wired Apple CarPlay. 

Supported Smartphone Versions:

iPhone:  iOS 10 and above.

Android Phone:  Android 11.0 and above, and some Samsung, Google phones.

✅ How to Use CP2Video Box? 

  • Step 1: Plug the magic box into car USB port to connect wired CarPlay.
  • Step 2: Wait for Android home page to appear, Touch CarPlay or Android Auto button.
  • Step 3: Forget regular Bluetooth & Wifi between your car and phone, select Apple CarPlay or Android Auto button to get the device name.
  • Step 4: Turn on your phone's Bluetooth & WLAN, select the Bluetooth name of the box: xxx Box-xx.
  • Step 5:  Select “Pair” and “Allow” button to complete synchronization and connection.
  • Step 6: Wait for Wireless Apple CarPlay or Wireless Android Auto to start.


Customer Reviews

Based on 109 reviews
Anna J

Working on my Toyota Sienna 2021. Just need connect to my phone hotspot for the Wifi to get data. My kids can enjoy their cartoon on youtube for the long trips drive.
Very easy to use and dont need and special apps for setup. Just need pairing your phone Bluetooth as usual. Highly recommended. Planning get an other one for my husband car too.


It works on my wifes 2016 Tahoe. It looks nice and it stays hidden behind the screen compartment. It took a minute to figure out the functions but it works perfect. No issues with connectivity after installation. Will get one for myself.


Navigation & Music works fine. With voice commands (Siri, etc.), there is small lag, but that is expected.

Tom Gibson

There is no lag in playing music, media or maps.. Voice commands too work flawlessly...
Thank you so much for a wonderful product and services..

Tom Smith

This new 2023 model device is something which I was looking for sometime. I tried two different 2022 model from different vendors those I had few noticeable issues like responsive delay, frequent disconnects and laggier when using the video apps.

This device has a vey perfect user friendly interface Home Screen menu and much more reliable in terms of faster response and consistent video streaming with Netflix and YouTube (which is almost close to any other touch screen devices), no lags for all menu functions and clicks also not faced any disconnects. The installation is pretty simple and straight forward, once connect to the USB port of the car, just select the device from bluetooth, a beautiful interface will popup immediately, enter the wifi credentials to link the internet to the car and thats it. Myself or the co-passengers mostly use the built-in apps YouTube, Netflix and YouTube music. The video playing appears to be normal like how we watch in other devices as shown in the video. The initial connection establishment is also fast (10-15 seconds consistently) compared to older devices which takes about a minute or more. Its a very small squircle shaped device (7cm x 7cm x 1cm) well hides below the central control console and helps to get rid of cables. Also, its observed that its far better in-terms of heating as well, feels normal even after 3+ hours of continous use. It appears the upgraded device have high quality smart chip and new technology as advertised which might be helping to achieve the better performance including screen mirroring from iPhone. One important advantage that I consider is the product upgrade option which is very easy for this device and can be access from the Home Screen menu itself which helps to keep up-to-date with software and features.

It would be a nice buy with a good deal/discount as it seems bit pricier. Overall happy with this product!!

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