Carlinklife 5.0 2-in-1 Wireless CarPlay Android Auto Adapter for Cars with Factory Wired CarPlay & Wired Android Auto

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Carlinklife 5.0 2-in-1 Wireless CarPlay Android Auto Adapter for Cars with Factory Wired CarPlay & Wired Android Auto

Carlinklife 5.0 2-in-1 Wireless CarPlay Android Auto Adapter for Cars with Factory Wired CarPlay & Wired Android Auto

$169.99 $99.99

Carlinklife 5.0 2-in-1 Wireless CarPlay Android Auto Adapter for Cars with Factory Wired CarPlay & Wired Android Auto

$169.99 $99.99

Carlinklife 5.0 Adapter - Wired CarPlay/Android Auto One-way to Wireless Connect

✅ Main Features:

The function of this product is to convert the original wired Carplay/ wired Android Auto into wireless Carplay/ wireless Android Auto.

  • 【Easy to install, Plug and Play.】
  • 【Wireless CarPlay/ Wireless Android Auto】 Bluetooth pairing, WIFI transmission.
  • 【Automatic Connection】 Plug it into the car and connect it when you get on the car.
  • 【Online Upgrade】 The product can be repaired through the online upgrade version.
  • 【Easy to Carry】 Smaller size than regular CarPlay Box.

🔽 Tips Before You Buy:

  1. Only For vehicles with existing wired CarPlay/ wired Android Auto.
  2. This item is NOT suitable for Aftermarket Android car stereos.
  3. For Carplay, it supports iPhone 6 and above models, and the software version is iOS 10 or above.
  4. For Android Auto, it supports Android 11 and above models.
  5. Please check if your car model and year before your purchase. BMW, Tesla and some models are not compatible. If you are not sure. You can contact customer service to inquire.

✅ Convert Your Wired CarPlay/ Wired Android Auto to Wireless!

  • You don't need to endure the pain of plugging in all the time.
  • Carlinklife 5.0 adapter can solve the problem of drivers who want to connect wirelessly to Carplay or Android Auto, make your wired CarPlay/ wired Android Auto wireless (via built-in Bluetooth & Wi-Fi).
  • No need to take the extra step, just plug and play, it can provide a completely wireless experience for you.

✅ Connect Automatically and Flawlessly!

  • Just setup it once, later you can use wireless CarPlay after starting car.
  • First-time setup is super easy. Just plug in and choose it on the Bluetooth setting on the iPhone and that's it.
  • Then simply start the vehicle Carlinklife 5.0 adapter connects automatically and flawlessly!

✅ 5G WiFi & Bluetooth 5.0 Stable Transmission

  • Dual-band wireless transmission, stable and uninterrupted. Not susceptible to wireless interference, faster transmission rate, lower latency.
  • Response speed is better than ordinary products and connection speed is as fast as lightning, giving you a smooth experience!

✅ Retains Original Car Function

  • Compatible with the original car microphone, so you can listen to music, make phone calls, use the voice assistant and other functions, the sound quality of the original car will continue.
  • No need to change driving habits, no need to disassemble the car, instantly get started with the original car operation.

✅ Enjoy Massive APPs

Enjoy the joy of massive Apps, such as Music, Spotify, Google Maps, etc. More choices, more pleasures, better driving experience.

✅Why choose Carlinklife 5.0 adapter?

✅Product Information

✅How to use Carlinklife 5.0 adapter? Super easy setup:

✅How to check if Carlinklife 5.0 adapter suitable for my car?

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Sarah Gilchriest

10/10 suggest! This is annoying to have to plug your phone into an outlet every time you get in the truck or have cords hanging everywhere. I got this little wireless CarPlay adapter to try and it was really easy to use. I plugged it in my trucks USB port, connected my phones Bluetooth to it and instantly it was showing all of my options on the screen. Very quick + easy to set up for anyone of any technology level. There wasnt any sound quality issue either from the bluetooth for music which is important. Very clear. My husband and I had bought one prior that was kind of bulky and were having issues with it staying connected and even getting connected in the first place - super frustrating. so it was a nice surprise how fast this one is and how compact it is! The last thing anyone needs is a bulky device in their console area. It is flexible but durable. 10/10 suggest!

Darrin Miteen
Very easy to install and it looks smooth

I used it for my 2020 Hyundai Sonata and it works perfectly well!! I am very pleased with the quality and performance. The Device looks slick and smooth I love how it doesnt look tacky at all. Overall great.

Randy Wilcox
Automatic connective is seamless

My 2020 Wrangler JLU had the worst Bluetooth connection. After a 10 second install of this apple CarPlay Im happy again with my jeep. This device saved me thousands of dollars by not trading it in for a 2024.

Brian Guenst
Excellent unit!

There are a lot of wireless AA/CP adapters out there, so why choose this one?

1. Multiple phones is seamless. Nice menu pops up if more than one person with a linked phone is in the car, and you get a few seconds to choose one before the default connects.
2. Many customization options if you go into advanced settings. Eliminte lag, change quality settings and network settings, and update easily.
3. Supports both android auto and carplay on either system, and it's seamless to switch. Just jump back to the menu and swap.
4. Pass-through USB for charging. Seriously, this is pretty nice if you only have one USB port free!
5. it's smaller than you think, and lighter too! Comes with cables and tape and great instructions and support.
6. Frequent updates that actually improve the product, unlike many competitors.

Honestly, I think a lot of these units use the same couple chipsets but the difference is in the implementation. This is the best implementation with the most compatibility!

Janice Touchstone
Better than wired Carplay

I love it. The wireless connection is fast.

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