CarPlay Module: Seamless Integration of Apple CarPlay & Android Auto for Your Vehicles!

What is an Apple Carplay Module?

Connect the Apple CarPlay Module to your car and redefine your driving experience with every mile by transforming your dashboard into a vibrant gateway to your favorite apps.
Upgrade your drive while keeping your factory functions. The Apple CarPlay Module keeps your familiar controls and adds advanced technology, enriching your journey with both innovation and tradition. You can easily switch between your original operating system and Apple Carplay system!
Easy installation. Original car wire plug & play, no cutting wire, no breaking wire, non-destructive, work with factory screen and factory head unit, no need extra coding, not affect the original car warranty.

CarPlay upgrade Module

Car Radio Screen

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Transform Your Driving

New Wireless CarPlay TV AI Box

Embrace YouTube & Netflix, Turn your car into a Movie Theater!